Books that Stir Our Creativity and Innovation

As proponents of innovation, creativity and play, naturally we at Catalyst Ranch are always seeking new ideas ourselves. And while there’s inspiration to be found in conversation and cultural happenings, there’s unique comfort in curling up with a good book. For World Creativity and Innovation Week last month, we pulled together some titles that [...]

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Momentum and the Creative Process

At Catalyst Ranch we try to avoid labels, but if you were going to generalize, you might describe us as creative, fun and artistic types! You probably won’t have our blog in mind if you are looking for a conversation on math or physics, but we will go over to the dark side (aka physics) [...]

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Rivers of Thinking

At Catalyst Ranch we celebrate and encourage creativity. From the overall aesthetics of bright colors and retro décor, we set out to create an environment that supports thinking differently. We've shared some of the background on our approach in previous blogs looking at the concepts of freshness and playfulness as cited in the book, [...]

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A Key Behavior Urged by Innovation Pros

If you read our creative juice blogs on a regular basis, you know about how important creativity is to all of us at Catalyst Ranch. Our whole existence is focused on curating an environment for all to be creative and innovative. The study of neuroscience tells us that our brains are constantly gathering [...]

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So You Want to Start a Creative Revolution

You’ve seen us talk about creativity and innovation in recent blog posts, and you know that these topics are part of our brand. Supporting creativity and innovation for our customers is our main value proposition. To continue our connection to April's focus on Innovation, we thought we would share a little bit more on [...]

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World Creativity & Innovation Day: C = fa(K,I,E)

Today is April 21, or as we know it, the annual World Creativity & Innovation Day! In our reflection on the occasion, we were able to dive into a blog post written by Beth Miller, Executive Director of the Creative Education Foundation. In reading it, we learned a lot about the origins of ‘Creative [...]

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Innovation and Technology Month: CONVERGENCE

It’s April, which means we’re looking forward to World Creativity & Innovation Week starting April 15, which culminates in World Creativity & Innovation Day on April 21. And this year, we’re proud to share, creativity and innovation are even more front and center locally, as Governor JB Pritzker announced that April will be Innovation and [...]

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Innovative Actions

One of the first things that Ranch Hands are taught at Catalyst Ranch is that if you’re met with a question or request from a client that you don’t have an answer to you never say “no”, or “I don’t know”. We’re all taught to say, “I’m not sure, but I can find out,” and then [...]

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Our 2018 Chicago Ideas Week Short List

It's our favorite time of year, y'all! No, we're not talking about sweater-weather autumn. We're talking about the approach of this year's Chicago Ideas Week, which of course brings with it our 2018 Chicago Ideas Week Short List! This annual festival is coming round' the mountain, kicking off on October 15. Chicago Ideas Week gathers over 200 global [...]

Episode #4 Attack of The A/V Gremlins

Previously on The Digital Adventures of Pogo... The power of play is a wonderful thing. It sneaks up in your brain and coaxes out the child like imagination hiding within. Play is the key to productivity and innovation. The Attack of the A/V Gremlins! Featuring Professor Planner & Pogo After weeks of preparation, the big day [...]

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