At Catalyst Ranch we try to avoid labels, but if you were going to generalize, you might describe us as creative, fun and artistic types! You probably won’t have our blog in mind if you are looking for a conversation on math or physics, but we will go over to the dark side (aka physics) in our blog today to talk about the concept of momentum.

Maybe you’ve heard the phrases “A body at rest stays at rest,” and “a body in motion stays in motion”. There is probably a valuable life lesson in there somewhere, but we want to focus on momentum now as part of the creative process.

Creativity is that ‘body’ at rest or in motion

It takes a lot of energy to change or to get people moving. Even more so when you are talking about mindset and the creative process.

Imagine that you needed to move a big rock from one side of the yard to another. It takes a lot of energy in pushing the rock to even get it moving. Once it does start, it will take less effort to keep it going. If you stop along the way, then the big effort is needed all over again to get the moving started.

Now apply that same exercise to mindset, and think about the energy and focus needed to make someone change their mind! It’s hard to imagine but the same concepts apply. Opening up our minds to new ideas can be hard, but the more we do it, the easier and faster it happens.

Motion at Catalyst Ranch

When you bring your team here for a meeting at Catalyst Ranch, the ambience of our rooms kickstarts the momentum process. Bright colors, eclectic décor and vintage furniture invoke nostalgia and playfulness.*

*We’ve explored these concepts from the book Sticky Wisdom before! Revisit those musings on the science and theory of Creativity here.

Our provocative environment does a lot of the heavy lifting for you in getting your team members ready to think differently (as described in Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Tipping Point).

A rousing Creative Mornings warmup at Catalyst Ranch

With all that energy devoted to getting things started, we think it’s important to share how we can also help you maintain momentum.

  • First of all, we ensure that the ranch is your home away from home with everything you need at your fingertips to feel comfortable and relaxed.
  • Second, we have an amazing staff of highly creative Ranch Hands who can collaborate with you to manage the unexpected, so you can best focus on your attendees.
  • Finally, we offer facilitation, ice breakers, and energizers in-house, plus external partners who can support other specialties, like improvisation, well-being, and painting, to name just a few.

The challenge for any meeting is to get the creativity ball rolling and to keep it moving. And that’s the underlying reason behind the uniqueness of the Catalyst Ranch experience: more than just kitschy nostalgia, it’s meant to help your momentum.

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