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How to Leverage Your Environment to Activate Your Meeting Attendees

“Creativity is not like the weather: You can do something about it.” — John Kao, Jamming Why do people say that they need a change of environment or some fresh air when they feel that they’re getting caught in a rut, a routine, stuck on a problem that they can’t seem to be [...]

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Casserole Potluck: An Uplifting Team-Building Activity

The creative life of our social media pilot Bryan, like that of many other Ranch staffers, goes well beyond the Catalyst confines. He shared with the Creative Juice Blog an inspiring team-building activity he created for his teaching artist colleagues in Chicago. With the holidays in full swing, I’m reminded of an uplifting team-building [...]

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Seize the Day of Play – Lego’s World Play Day

Now, we’re not officially sponsored by Lego, but it’s no surprise we’re big fans. Legos are so classic that they’re synonymous with childhood, and yet they are a symbol of imagination and creativity at every age. Today happens to be World Play Day, so dubbed by Lego as “a day dedicated to celebrating [...]

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Retreat to Forge Ahead with Jackie Sloane

Try as you might to hold onto the summer, here comes autumn! And it's looking you straight in the eye, barreling at you with no sign of slowing. And from this angle, you can see the whole '23/'24 fiscal year trailing close behind, laid out before you clear as day. That is, you can [...]

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Three Things to Energize Your Creativity

At Catalyst Ranch, our Ranch Hands are available to lead your team in a short "Energizer." This low-stakes, high-delight activity is a reliable way to get folks' heads in the game, and at any point in the day. Our collection of Energizers involve varying levels of introspection, competition and physicality, so there's always something that [...]

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5 Ways to Enhance Any Gathering with Food

Any meeting is more enticing if you know someone’s bringing donuts. Fact. And that’s only the bare minimum application of the fact we all know: Food makes a gathering better. Food (and drink, if we're lucky!) accomplishes a lot: Food adds value for folks to physically arrive; Food gives you energy to keep up [...]

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Food for Thought: Reflection on Pantone’s 2023 Color of the Year – Viva Magenta

It’s no surprise we at Catalyst Ranch relish the announcement of Pantone’s Color of the Year. Vibrant color is, after all, a foundational design element for our spaces. This year, however, the Color of the Year hits a little different. Pantone has declared 2023 the year of ‘Viva Magenta,’ and since magenta is [...]

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The Benefits of Doodling and Drawing

At Catalyst Ranch, Chicago’s creative meeting venue, our meeting rooms are equipped with all kinds of supplies to ensure the success of your meeting. One important staple is simply a pen cup on every table. You won’t just find your everyday black and blue ink pens in these colorful cups; they are stocked with [...]

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Rivers of Thinking

At Catalyst Ranch we celebrate and encourage creativity. From the overall aesthetics of bright colors and retro décor, we set out to create an environment that supports thinking differently. We've shared some of the background on our approach in previous blogs looking at the concepts of freshness and playfulness as cited in the book, [...]

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On Freshness and Elvis

In our previous Creative Juice Blog post, we explored a few mega-hit pieces of pop culture and how they reference works from our past. After mind mapping the nostalgia behind those works, we're left marveling at the creative process that goes on in writers’ rooms, or between collaborating music producers and other artists. Surely [...]

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