Midyear Color Check-In: Is Your 2024 as Peach Fuzz-y as Pantone’s?

Six months ago, the Pantone prognosticators heralded a year swathed in Peach Fuzz. Were they right? At the top of 2024, we challenged our clients to use the Pantone Color of the Year as a lens for making and gauging goals. Well, it’s time for your Midyear check-in. Let’s review where those goals took [...]

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Books that Stir Our Creativity and Innovation

As proponents of innovation, creativity and play, naturally we at Catalyst Ranch are always seeking new ideas ourselves. And while there’s inspiration to be found in conversation and cultural happenings, there’s unique comfort in curling up with a good book. For World Creativity and Innovation Week last month, we pulled together some titles that [...]

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A Thank You to the Hosts

Thanksgiving is days away. Chances are you’re in the middle of something you're responsible for on Thursday. If you’re attending "Friendsgiving", maybe you’ve baked the crust for a pie you’ll bring. If you’re heading to your cousin’s, you have ingredients bought and ready for your traditional green bean casserole. If you’re the one hosting festivities, [...]

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Client Spotlight: Guitars Over Guns

This year we were fortunate to come into contact with Guitars Over Guns, a nonprofit organization empowering young people in Chicago—as well as Miami and Los Angeles—with music education and mentorship from music industry professionals. Naturally, we’re inspired by their mission of nurturing creative and artistic expression in this city's young minds. And with [...]

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Fiesta de Frida: Let Creativity Lead the Way to Healing

This Saturday, October 8, the spectacular Fiesta de Frida returns to our space, organized by the Women’s Justice League, whose mission is to combat domestic abuse and support abuse survivors. Since 2019 when the Fiesta de Frida was brought to Catalyst Ranch, we’ve been wowed by the positivity and community created by this cohort [...]

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The Benefits of Doodling and Drawing

At Catalyst Ranch, Chicago’s creative meeting venue, our meeting rooms are equipped with all kinds of supplies to ensure the success of your meeting. One important staple is simply a pen cup on every table. You won’t just find your everyday black and blue ink pens in these colorful cups; they are stocked with [...]

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Mental Health Resources

We’re thankful for an industry where we get to meet so many people and create community and connection into different industries and spheres. Human connection is such a huge part of cultivating mental wellness. May is Mental Health Awareness Month, so we’re bringing some attention to resources and communities whose work we have high regard [...]

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Women’s Organizations We Love

We're still dwelling in reflection spurred by March's Women's History Month, and we want to highlight some organizations we admire. These are only a couple of the Chicagoland groups whom we've had the honor of serving as clients while also being fans of the good work they do. National Association of Women [...]

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Black History Month Opportunities in Chicago and Beyond

Sure, Chicago Pride overflows for our skyscrapers, our food and our 44th President, but did you know: Another great reason to love Chi-Town is for our ties to the origin of Black History Month. It was Carter Godwin Woodson who, after earning degrees from the University of Chicago and becoming the second African American [...]

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Unique Special Events

Unique Special Events Your wedding day is one of the most important in your life and it will be one you remember forever. But it takes an extra special bit of flare to make it a day that your friends and family remember forever, too. The same goes for any event you [...]

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