Chicago Women Who Tell Our Stories

We love witnessing new ideas and new stories. It’s here at Catalyst Ranch, in the midst of objects and décor rich in history, that your imagination is stoked and something new is created. We’ve treasured the communities that have come here to make new ideas, stories and art. In honor of this year’s Women’s [...]

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Fiesta de Frida: Let Creativity Lead the Way to Healing

This Saturday, October 8, the spectacular Fiesta de Frida returns to our space, organized by the Women’s Justice League, whose mission is to combat domestic abuse and support abuse survivors. Since 2019 when the Fiesta de Frida was brought to Catalyst Ranch, we’ve been wowed by the positivity and community created by this cohort [...]

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Sofar Sounds: Making a Signature Experience from Live Music

There’s a cohort of music makers and event producers who are a monthly fixture at Catalyst Ranch, but you may be in the dark about them even if you keep tabs on our public events calendar. And that stealthy existence is one of the methodical puzzle pieces that Sofar Sounds has orchestrated to create [...]

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Connection for Marketing Professionals

When we’re not providing space for creative corporate meetings or unforgettable celebrations, we love to open our doors to public networking events and workshops. These types of gathering, usually on weekday evenings, provide opportunities for folks to experience community and connection in a specialized way. AMA Chicago is an organization that has brought many [...]

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Chicago’s Spring Re-Awakening

Sprouts are sprouting, shoots are shooting, new growth is, ah yes, growing anew. Look, we’re not poets. But what need have we for words when Spring is in the air? Though Spring doesn’t officially start until March 20, it’s this Sunday (late Saturday night) when we turn our clocks forward to mark Daylight Saving Time. [...]

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How Furniture and Décor Tell Your Story

  How Furniture and Décor Tell Your Story Our furniture is a witness to our everyday lives, celebrations, conversations, and our growing up and leaving home. The furniture we grew up with connects us to home, family, friends, and reminds us of our dreams, our moments of triumph and the pains we’ve encountered along the way. [...]

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Fundraisers and More: Putting Parties Together!

You probably know what our main line of business is hosting corporate and nonprofit meetings. What you may not already know is that we host a variety of celebrations and special events, too. And when it comes to fundraisers, our #vibrantvenue is the perfect environment for impressing donors and engaging supporters. Get to know our Social [...]

Grouping: Choosing a Balanced and Energizing Menu

Welcome guest blogger Kim Jean, Gathering Guru and Business Development Manager at Catalyst Ranch. Her super powers on staff include bringing in a wide array of new audiences to see the wonder of our creative space, but her off-Ranch strengths include superior nutrition and wellness knowledge and entrepreneurial gusto with her own health food brand MOSSUM, heralding [...]

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Reflection and Thanks: #RanchSweet16

We wax reminiscent after celebrating our Anniversary... It's a time for Reflection and Thanks: #RanchSweet16! What do you remember about your 16th birthday? Was there a tremendous party chronicled by MTV's My Super Sweet 16? Did you have an intimate family gathering? We had both! Sort of. This past Monday we threw a party that we've been [...]

Our 2018 Chicago Ideas Week Short List

It's our favorite time of year, y'all! No, we're not talking about sweater-weather autumn. We're talking about the approach of this year's Chicago Ideas Week, which of course brings with it our 2018 Chicago Ideas Week Short List! This annual festival is coming round' the mountain, kicking off on October 15. Chicago Ideas Week gathers over 200 global [...]

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