Meet Koda – Drag Variety Show June 17

June is LGBTQIA+ Pride Month, and at Catalyst Ranch we celebrate all our staff, colleagues, neighbors and clients who identify with any of the vibrant communities represented (including, but not limited to Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, and Asexual individuals). On Saturday, June 17, our creative space will be graced with the [...]

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A Destination for Creativity and Community

World Creativity and Innovation Day is this Friday, April 21. It’s a day that is close to our heart, as our venue exists to inspire exactly that. All this week, we’re posting thought-provoking quotes on our social media that relate to creativity. How do you foster the creativity of yourself and those around you? [...]

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What Research Tells Us About Learning and Transformation

Three things we know to be true: (THREE THINGS!) Change is hard. Change is necessary. Change is the goal. Let us explain that last one. In previous posts, we’ve explored the science of innovation and creative thinking, because frankly, it’s riveting. There has been a lot of research done focusing on the neuroscience [...]

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Fiesta de Frida: Let Creativity Lead the Way to Healing

This Saturday, October 8, the spectacular Fiesta de Frida returns to our space, organized by the Women’s Justice League, whose mission is to combat domestic abuse and support abuse survivors. Since 2019 when the Fiesta de Frida was brought to Catalyst Ranch, we’ve been wowed by the positivity and community created by this cohort [...]

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The Benefits of Doodling and Drawing

At Catalyst Ranch, Chicago’s creative meeting venue, our meeting rooms are equipped with all kinds of supplies to ensure the success of your meeting. One important staple is simply a pen cup on every table. You won’t just find your everyday black and blue ink pens in these colorful cups; they are stocked with [...]

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Rivers of Thinking

At Catalyst Ranch we celebrate and encourage creativity. From the overall aesthetics of bright colors and retro décor, we set out to create an environment that supports thinking differently.We've shared some of the background on our approach in previous blogs looking at the concepts of freshness and playfulness as cited in the book, Sticky Wisdom. [...]

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On Freshness and Elvis

In our previous Creative Juice Blog post, we explored a few mega-hit pieces of pop culture and how they reference works from our past. After mind mapping the nostalgia behind those works, we're left marveling at the creative process that goes on in writers’ rooms, or between collaborating music producers and other artists. Surely there’s [...]

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Mind Mapping New Nostalgia

In recent weeks, American (and global!) pop culture has seen the debuts of several Big Things. It’s no surprise, after all, as the summer season is prime time for savoring high-profile music releases, movies, and other media. And an element present in many current hits is nostalgia, that evergreen trend in pop culture. [...]

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So You Want to Start a Creative Revolution

You’ve seen us talk about creativity and innovation in recent blog posts, and you know that these topics are part of our brand. Supporting creativity and innovation for our customers is our main value proposition. To continue our connection to April's focus on Innovation, we thought we would share a little bit more on [...]

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World Creativity & Innovation Day: C = fa(K,I,E)

Today is April 21, or as we know it, the annual World Creativity & Innovation Day! In our reflection on the occasion, we were able to dive into a blog post written by Beth Miller, Executive Director of the Creative Education Foundation. In reading it, we learned a lot about the origins of ‘Creative [...]

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