Improv, Leaders and Radical Empathy: Discussing I See You! with author Erin Diehl

We're just abuzz at the Ranch this week, because a brand new book has its Chicago launch party at our space! And it's all the sweeter because it's the debut book from none other than Erin Diehl, one of our favorite facilitators and entrepreneurs. Erin is the founder of improve it!, a professional development company [...]

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Retreat to Forge Ahead with Jackie Sloane

Try as you might to hold onto the summer, here comes autumn! And it's looking you straight in the eye, barreling at you with no sign of slowing. And from this angle, you can see the whole '23/'24 fiscal year trailing close behind, laid out before you clear as day. That is, you can [...]

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Client Spotlight: Guitars Over Guns

This year we were fortunate to come into contact with Guitars Over Guns, a nonprofit organization empowering young people in Chicago—as well as Miami and Los Angeles—with music education and mentorship from music industry professionals. Naturally, we’re inspired by their mission of nurturing creative and artistic expression in this city's young minds. And with [...]

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Sofar Sounds: Making a Signature Experience from Live Music

There’s a cohort of music makers and event producers who are a monthly fixture at Catalyst Ranch, but you may be in the dark about them even if you keep tabs on our public events calendar. And that stealthy existence is one of the methodical puzzle pieces that Sofar Sounds has orchestrated to create [...]

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Connection for Marketing Professionals

When we’re not providing space for creative corporate meetings or unforgettable celebrations, we love to open our doors to public networking events and workshops. These types of gathering, usually on weekday evenings, provide opportunities for folks to experience community and connection in a specialized way. AMA Chicago is an organization that has brought many [...]

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Client Spotlight: Echo Modern Dance Collective

As you know, we love artists interacting with our venue—Have you seen this clip?—so we were delighted when Zoë Goldstein, Founder and Director of Echo Modern Dance Collective, let us dig a little deeper. This Client Spotlight gives us a glimpse at the origins and collaboration process of this nonprofit organization, which supports its [...]

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Client Spotlight: 803life

An invaluable benefit to being a Meetings & Events venue is getting to meet all our clients. A great deal of them are fellow small business owners – our neighbors and peers in the vibrant community of Chicagoland entrepreneurs. Over the course of several photoshoots they booked in our space last year, we got to know [...]

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Spotlight on Ed Graziano and Corporate Event Interactive

Catalyst Ranch has been the go-to creative meeting and event space for going on 19 years. This hasn’t come without help from amazing partners and vendors who add that extra cherry on top of our delicious innovative sundae. For example, when our clients are looking to create a truly experiential teambuilding experience for their offsite gathering [...]

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Gregg Fraley talks Brainstorming!

  Managing Director Lyndon Stewart gets to know upcoming workshop leader Gregg Fraley.   Innovation is our bread and butter at Catalyst Ranch. This is why on Tuesday, October 26th we’re happy to be hosting  Effective Brainstorming: Modern Strategies, Tools & Techniques with Gregg Fraley, a real expert in the field. He found that people have [...]

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Ranch Hand Spotlight: Mike Ropp

  Ranch Hand Spotlight: Mike Ropp   Catalyst Ranch is all about making sure you have the best meetings and events you possibly can and one of the most important ways that we accomplish that is through our Ranch Hands who take care of your every need while you’re here with us.  Today we wanted to [...]

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