At Catalyst Ranch, our Ranch Hands are available to lead your team in a short “Energizer.” This low-stakes, high-delight activity is a reliable way to get folks’ heads in the game, and at any point in the day.

Our collection of Energizers involve varying levels of introspection, competition and physicality, so there’s always something that fits your group’s needs. What they all have in common is that they point your thinking in a fresh direction.

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“THREE THINGS!” is an Energizer we think is a nugget of Meetings gold, and we’d like to share it with you. You can use it just as well in virtual meetings as in person. Try it at your next meeting as a warm-up to brainstorming!

Energizer: THREE THINGS!

Duration – 5 to 10 minutes for a small/medium group.

The Set-Up – Everyone circle up and optionally jog in place. (The jogging helps to keep the pace and energy of the game up.)

Step 1 – One person (Person A) starts by asking the person to their right (Person B) for three things. “Name Three Things that are ________,” choosing any category they wish.

    • For example: “Name Three Things that are YELLOW.” “Three EMOTIONS.” “Three NEW HOT DOG TOPPINGS!” “Three WAYS TO SAN JOSE!” This could be literally anything.

Step 2 – Person B names Three Things that apply to the category. Like the categories themselves, the Things named can be real or made-up, silly or serious. Anything goes!

Step 2.5 – After each Thing is named, everyone calls out, “ONE,” then “TWO,” then “THREE THINGS!”

Step 3 – “Wash, rinse, repeat:” Person B requests a new Three Things from the person on their right, and so on and so on, one by one, all the way around the circle.

It’s a simple game that practices listening, supporting your teammates, and creativity (THREE THINGS!). As more people get irreverent with their answers, the more everyone is empowered to think outside the box!

For example, one game might start like this:

A: Hey B!
B: Hey A!
A: Name Three Things that give you nightmares!
B: Scary movies.
Everyone: ONE!
B: Spicy food.
Everyone: TWO!
B: Thinking about global warming.
B: Hey C!
C: Hey B!
B: Name Three new months of the year!
C: Smarch.
Everyone: ONE!
C: Bevruary.
Everyone: TWO!
C: August Junior.

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