Now, we’re not officially sponsored by Lego, but it’s no surprise we’re big fans. Legos are so classic that they’re synonymous with childhood, and yet they are a symbol of imagination and creativity at every age.

Today happens to be World Play Day, so dubbed by Lego as “a day dedicated to celebrating the benefits and joy that play brings.”  And we fully cosign this notion!

From day one at Catalyst Ranch, we’ve included Legos among the toys and objects found at our meeting room tables, because the concept of play is the key to unlocking innovation.

As Lego reminds us: “It’s not only children that benefit from playtime.”

While much of their content for their signature holiday this year extols the “Superpower of Play” that is cultivated in children, they’ve also recently doubled down on the benefits for grown-ups. Commercials show adults using legos to wind down, to work out problems, to process – as Lego says, to “find your flow.”

It’s all confirmation of what we’ve been seeing since 2002 – when clients meet at Catalyst Ranch, the act of fidgeting with Lego blocks or intertwining pipe cleaners greases the wheels of many folks’ ideation and critical thinking.

If you’re at your desk reading this or skimming on your phone, we hope you take a cue from Lego: Take a moment to play, or perhaps even better, take stock of the play in your life and double down!

  • When do you sprinkle play into your daily routine? What is the impact?
  • When was the last time you fully leaned into play at work, alone or with teammates?
  • How can you share that spark of play with colleagues? With family and friends?

Say yes to Lego’s invitation. Let’s re-plant seeds of play into our daily lives, and seize the opportunity to use play to enhance our work, our meetings, and our daily business, not just our daily tedium.

It’s as easy as snapping together a couple of colorful bricks!

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