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Newly 21 and Proudly Self-Possessed (We’re SUCH a Scorpio!)

Raise your glass, because today we’re toasting to TWENTY-ONE wonderful years in business! Catalyst Ranch hosted its first meeting in November of 2002, and we’ve been providing Space to Imagine More ever since! At 21 years, a person crosses a certain threshold, culturally (at least in the US). Along with the ability to legally [...]

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What Research Tells Us About Learning and Transformation

Three things we know to be true: (THREE THINGS!) Change is hard. Change is necessary. Change is the goal. Let us explain that last one. In previous posts, we’ve explored the science of innovation and creative thinking, because frankly, it’s riveting. There has been a lot of research done focusing on the neuroscience [...]

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The Case for Play as a Lifelong Tool for Learning

Warning, this leisure read may have you thinking about play. I hope it makes you want to really take some time to do that. Like they say, there is no time like the present. Whether you’re on your own, live in a nucleus or extended family, the action of play or being playful, have benefits for [...]

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