Six months ago, the Pantone prognosticators heralded a year swathed in Peach Fuzz. Were they right?

At the top of 2024, we challenged our clients to use the Pantone Color of the Year as a lens for making and gauging goals. Well, it’s time for your Midyear check-in. Let’s review where those goals took you and how much or little Peach Fuzz you’re feeling…

Reflection: Assess your year-so-far 

As a reminder, Pantone suggested that Peach Fuzz “captures our desire to nurture ourselves and others. It’s a velvety gentle peach tone whose all-embracing spirit enriches mind, body, and soul.”

  • In January, to what extend did you desire/need/plan to nurture yourself, your family and friends, your teammates? To what degree have those been met in these six months?

Plan: How much Peach Fuzz do we keep with us going forward?

  • Going into June and beyond, what actions do you feel comfortable stopping/starting/continuing to address self care and the wellbeing of those around you?

Was Peach Fuzz the prevailing vibe for you thus far? If not, what other colors (desires, moods, intentions) have been at play? Where are you on the color compass right now? Where will you dwell in the months ahead?

Regardless of how much you felt Peach Fuzz-y thus far, you certainly have been giving your attention to a range of responsibilities, emotions, and happenings.

  • If Peach Fuzz is the Color of the Year for Pantone, what has been the Color or Colors of the Year for you? What is the Color of the Month, Week, Moment?
  • What are your goals for yourself and for your team? What does success or satisfaction look like for those goals? Is it a color?

Perhaps your aim is closer to Roasted Russet, which for us suggests warmth and stability.

Maybe you’re feeling more like Pantone’s Skyride, which evokes limitless possibility and breathless daring.

Or maybe you see Acid Lime on your horizon, foretelling piquant and eye-opening stimulation.


Whatever hues are catching your mind’s eye, we feel safe saying that’s just where you’re supposed to be in this moment. And by the way, that color looks GREAT on you (and/or your aura)!

Thank you for your jumping into the pool with this fun angle on goal-making. Tell us your color inclinations on social media or down below in the comments — We’re excited to hear about your chromatic journey.


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