Meet Koda – Drag Variety Show June 17

June is LGBTQIA+ Pride Month, and at Catalyst Ranch we celebrate all our staff, colleagues, neighbors and clients who identify with any of the vibrant communities represented (including, but not limited to Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, and Asexual individuals). On Saturday, June 17, our creative space will be graced with the [...]

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Chicago Women Who Tell Our Stories

We love witnessing new ideas and new stories. It’s here at Catalyst Ranch, in the midst of objects and décor rich in history, that your imagination is stoked and something new is created. We’ve treasured the communities that have come here to make new ideas, stories and art. In honor of this year’s Women’s [...]

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Client Spotlight: Guitars Over Guns

This year we were fortunate to come into contact with Guitars Over Guns, a nonprofit organization empowering young people in Chicago—as well as Miami and Los Angeles—with music education and mentorship from music industry professionals. Naturally, we’re inspired by their mission of nurturing creative and artistic expression in this city's young minds. And with [...]

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Sofar Sounds: Making a Signature Experience from Live Music

There’s a cohort of music makers and event producers who are a monthly fixture at Catalyst Ranch, but you may be in the dark about them even if you keep tabs on our public events calendar. And that stealthy existence is one of the methodical puzzle pieces that Sofar Sounds has orchestrated to create [...]

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Mental Health Resources

We’re thankful for an industry where we get to meet so many people and create community and connection into different industries and spheres. Human connection is such a huge part of cultivating mental wellness. May is Mental Health Awareness Month, so we’re bringing some attention to resources and communities whose work we have high regard [...]

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Women’s Organizations We Love

We're still dwelling in reflection spurred by March's Women's History Month, and we want to highlight some organizations we admire. These are only a couple of the Chicagoland groups whom we've had the honor of serving as clients while also being fans of the good work they do. National Association of Women [...]

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Connection for Marketing Professionals

When we’re not providing space for creative corporate meetings or unforgettable celebrations, we love to open our doors to public networking events and workshops. These types of gathering, usually on weekday evenings, provide opportunities for folks to experience community and connection in a specialized way. AMA Chicago is an organization that has brought many [...]

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Introducing Facilitator Greg Bliss

 Clients who come to Catalyst Ranch benefit from access to our vetted list of facilitators. These experts work with you in crafting a meeting to shepherd your team's ideas towards your intended goals. This month, we're happy to add consultant Greg Bliss to our list. We know he'll be an asset to our clients! [...]

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Black History Month Opportunities in Chicago and Beyond

Sure, Chicago Pride overflows for our skyscrapers, our food and our 44th President, but did you know: Another great reason to love Chi-Town is for our ties to the origin of Black History Month. It was Carter Godwin Woodson who, after earning degrees from the University of Chicago and becoming the second African American [...]

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Client Spotlight: Echo Modern Dance Collective

As you know, we love artists interacting with our venue—Have you seen this clip?—so we were delighted when Zoë Goldstein, Founder and Director of Echo Modern Dance Collective, let us dig a little deeper. This Client Spotlight gives us a glimpse at the origins and collaboration process of this nonprofit organization, which supports its [...]

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