We’re thankful for an industry where we get to meet so many people and create community and connection into different industries and spheres. Human connection is such a huge part of cultivating mental wellness.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, so we’re bringing some attention to resources and communities whose work we have high regard for. Please connect with them for your own wellness needs!

Office Ninjas

Our love for Office Ninjas (officeninjas.com) began at their first Admingling event here in 2018. Naturally, we recognized this cohort was “our people”, not just because Administrative Professionals know very well the challenge of coordinating worthwhile meetings, but because the group’s purpose is to lift each other up and celebrate their profession.

What is so powerful about Office Ninjas is the community they’ve established. They provide resources (including, but not limited to their Admingling) for networking and for sharing wisdom.

In their free newsletter, they curate worthwhile reads in categories such as Self Care, Burnout, and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, all intended for your thriving internally as well as in your career.

Canright Calendar

Canright Communications Co. is a Chicago technical communications firm, and we’ve long valued their weekly Canright Calendar e-blast. What originally focused on local networking opportunities has grown and evolved to also include professional and personal development opportunities.

The personal development category is what really shines, as there are very thoughtfully curated links to knowledge around subjects such as anti-racism, arts and wellness, and cultural competency. We love that Chicago business professionals have this dependable resource that promotes well-roundedness in the human experience. (Subscribe to the emailed newsletter at the footer here.)

Linda Jackson Wellness Bundle

Among our available Meeting Bundles, we’re proud to offer a Wellness Bundle to our clients who want to provide a deeper groundedness for their participants.

This Bundle partners with facilitator and artist Linda Jackson, who guides groups through mindful practices and team strengthening to gently de-stress, stimulate bonding, and encourage conscious leadership – bringing out the best in individuals and the team, and ultimately providing support to the entire organization.

We’re grateful to Linda for sharing with us this guided meditation she devised, just for our Catalyst Ranch audience, back in summer of 2020. It’s just as useful today and can be utilized right now, at home or at work!

NAMI Chicago

The Chicago chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (namichicago.org) provides our city with mental health resources, with broad scope in who has access, focusing on mental health support, education, advocacy and outreach. Their Mission says it all:

Guided by the experiences of those living with mental health conditions and rooted in equity, NAMI Chicago educates to fight stigma and discrimination, fiercely advocates for our community, and shares hope, connection and expertise with people on their mental health journey.

If you or someone you care about is in need of support, the NAMI Chicago Helpline is a free and confidential resource that provides a listening ear, guidance and connection to the right mental health and social service resources, over the phone.

NAMI Helpline: 833-NAMI-CHI


Available M-F 9a-8p, Sat-Sun 9a-5p Central, and closed for holidays.

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