Improv, Leaders and Radical Empathy: Discussing I See You! with author Erin Diehl

We're just abuzz at the Ranch this week, because a brand new book has its Chicago launch party at our space! And it's all the sweeter because it's the debut book from none other than Erin Diehl, one of our favorite facilitators and entrepreneurs. Erin is the founder of improve it!, a professional development company [...]

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Why Fly Fishing Beats a Net

Why Fly Fishing Beats a Net By Vickie Austin There are many paradoxes when marketing yourself or your business, and one of the most powerful paradoxes is “The narrower your focus, the wider your opportunity.” This defies logic. You’d think that a broad, sweeping approach might be best–something like fishing with a big net. Picture someone [...]

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Guest Blog with Ida Abdalkhani

SEVEN STEPS TO CURB YOUR PERFECTIONISM & ACCOMPLISH MORE By Ida Abdalkhani, Founder at Ability to Engage   I grew up in a depressed rust-belt city surrounded by pollution and decay.  I escaped, vigorously pursued my undergraduate studies and leadership activities at Ohio State, added an MBA with honors, helped build multiple brands at one of [...]

Most Interesting Interview with Samira Ahmed

Meet Samira Ahmed, this month’s candidate trying to upstage Pogo, the Most Interesting Monkey in the World.*Portrait courtesy of six-year-old daughter Lena Jonas. Archaeologists have found copies of Samira’s unpublished novels amongst the prized possessions of ancient Pharaohs. She can tame a class of unruly juniors into silence with an expertly executed aria. She can hail [...]

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Finding Balance in a Chaotic World

Please stand up and do some jumping jacks for guest blogger Kim Ready! Fitness Engaged is our newest meeting mix-in vendor and is a full service wellness company offering corporate wellness programs, seminars, and retreats along with 4 programs designed to give your meeting a healthy balance. We live in a world of demanding deadlines, calendars [...]

Heartfelt Catering

Welcome today’s guest blogger, founder of Heartfelt Catering, Chef Cecilia Hamilton!  Heartfelt Catering seemed like the perfect partner for Elbows on the Table on May 12.   We hope you can join us for a conversation about philanthropy and community and, of course, a delicious dinner!   We’re honored to partner with Catalyst Ranch for this year’s [...]

Brendan Sullivan (Creativity Coach) in Action!

We're very lucky to meet some of the coolest people at the Ranch. One such person is our friend Brendan Sullivan is a creativity coach. Not only does he work with such clients as PepsiCo, Kelloggs, and GE, he also facilitates our Art-Work  partnership with The Art Institute of Chicago. That's why we're so proud to present his [...]

MATCH BOOKS – Meet Sarah Miller Caldicott, Author of “Midnight Lunch: The 4 Phases of Team Collaboration Success, from Thomas Edison’s Lab”

Meet the author of our next Match Books event on December 6, 2012! Name:  Sarah Miller Caldicott   Title of Book:  Midnight Lunch: The 4 Phases of Team Collaboration Success, from Thomas Edison’s Lab   What are some of the main themes of your book? -          Learn how collaboration differs from teamwork -          Establish collaboration as [...]

Collaborative writing: Brendan Sullivan & Rick Kaempfer, authors of THE LIVING WILLS

I had a great time interviewing Brendan Sullivan and Rick Kaempfer of THE LIVING WILLS before the holiday. In the video we originally posted, they shared the details of the book's plot and some insight into their collaboration. Posted here for you is an extended video on their particular collaborative process. Enjoy! THE LIVING WILLS will [...]

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