Thanksgiving is days away. Chances are you’re in the middle of something you’re responsible for on Thursday.

If you’re attending “Friendsgiving”, maybe you’ve baked the crust for a pie you’ll bring.

If you’re heading to your cousin’s, you have ingredients bought and ready for your traditional green bean casserole.

If you’re the one hosting festivities, it’s very possible you’ve got the turkey thawing, you made the cranberry sauce and gravy last night, the bread for the dressing is ready to be cubed, you have three folks you need to text to remind them to bring chairs, and, and, and–…

If you’re the Host, right now we find you in medias res, in the midst of probably many actions and processes running concurrently up to—and even well past—3pm this Thursday

Let us just say: Thank you.

Preemptively and continuously.

Hosts take up the mantle of welcoming us all into their space. They head the important and taxing task of making the space for us all to gather and celebrate. They volunteer to manage all the moving parts and weighty expectation of Thanksgiving.

Thank you for giving so much of yourselves to this occasion. Thank you for helping wrangle us guests to be a part of this tradition. Thank you for using your talents for organization and, well, cooking to make us, your circle, feel welcome and full. Thank you—and Cheers!—to the Hosts.

As we at Catalyst Ranch continue our own Hosting preparations for our 20th Anniversary Party on December 8, we know the work that Hosting entails. We see you.

And since we’ve been dwelling in this space of gratitude in this month celebrating being in business for 20 years, this Thank You extends to all the Hosts who’ve gathered their circle here at Catalyst Ranch. We’re so grateful to our Meeting clients; Administrative Assistants; Facilitators; Managers who’ve held their offsite meetings and retreats here. We’re grateful for the newlyweds; the mitzvah parents; the Maids of Honor who have selected our creative space for the parties they’ve thrown.

A lot of work that goes into hosting a gathering, plus a lot of joy and satisfaction when the gathering is a success!

Thank YOU, dear readers, dear Catalyst Ranch family, for letting us help you Host unforgettable gatherings. We’ve experienced a lot of joy and satisfaction in 20 years. Thank you—and Cheers!—to all the joy that’s yet to come. Preemptively and continuously.

Happy Thanksgiving, from all of us at Catalyst Ranch!

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