Photo of Ranch Hand Mike Ropp at Catalyst Ranch


Ranch Hand Spotlight: Mike Ropp


Catalyst Ranch is all about making sure you have the best meetings and events you possibly can and one of the most important ways that we accomplish that is through our Ranch Hands who take care of your every need while you’re here with us. 

Today we wanted to highlight one of our amazing staff members who works that Ranch magic for our guests, day in and day out.

This is Mike Ropp!

Mike has been with Catalyst Ranch since 2016 and worked for four years as one of our Ranch Hands, a shift supervisor, and as our Facilities Manager. When the pandemic began and we had to temporarily stop hosting meetings, Mike along with most of our staff had to be let go, but when we finally could host meetings again Mike was first in line to get back in the saddle! 

During the down time Mike made a hard pivot to try his hand at commission artwork/portraits, working pretty exclusively with gay models. With his experience in graphic design and hospitality he found himself helping consult with an entertainment brand. In addition to that he found an outlet in streaming old/retro games on Twitch a few days a week. 

When asked what was most appealing about being back at the Ranch, Mike had this to say:

Work at the Ranch lets me do a lot of things I feel really confident about. A/V stuff, food prep, definitely hands-on work with facilities, and hanging out with all sorts of folks. Catalyst Ranch provides this really eclectic intersection for people to meet, co-workers and clients alike. It’s crazy when you walk into someone you haven’t seen for years, because they happened to be showing up for an event. It’s happened to me dozens of times. SoFar, WLCO, shoot, even our in-house marketing ones too!”

Outside of the Ranch Mike is a homebody and really enjoys creating space for people to share. Over the pandemic he started helping moderate an online gay community that made him feel really welcome. He’s happily married to his partner with whom he enjoys a contrasting dynamic because of their age difference.

We’re so happy to have Mike on our team and give him a big hello if you see him working during your meeting!

To learn more about Catalyst Ranch, click here to visit our website or call 312-207-1710 to schedule a tour! 

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