Raise your glass, because today we’re toasting to TWENTY-ONE wonderful years in business! Catalyst Ranch hosted its first meeting in November of 2002, and we’ve been providing Space to Imagine More ever since!

At 21 years, a person crosses a certain threshold, culturally (at least in the US). Along with the ability to legally buy beer comes a general expectation of maturity. True enough, Catalyst Ranch stands before you today, sparklingly proud of where we’ve been and confidently self-assured — and more soundly so than your usual still-baby-faced, freshly-minted 21-year-old.

Where does that confidence come from? Ours comes from a well-rounded self awareness, which takes a few things into account:

Staying true to our goals

Catalyst Ranch was born to fill a need for creative, energetic space. To this day, we’ve never lost sight of our mission to provide a potent environment for innovation, creativity, community and connection.

Listening to what people say about us

What we do affects the beings in our orbit. We can say all we want about what we do, but the value of that work is evidenced by how guests describe us. Client feedback is gold to us, and it’s wonderful when testimony aligns with our intentions.

I couldn’t wait to share my gratitude for Catalyst Ranch in supporting us to provide a truly exceptional experience for our group. Everyone we worked with was so kind, patient, thoughtful, and helpful.

The space itself is so beautiful and comfortable, and you can see the thoughtfulness in every single corner of it. It’s truly a human-first environment set up to support participants in taking care of their needs. We could feel that the staff saw all of the people that walk through there as individuals with their own needs, preferences, and identities. As facilitators, we felt so held and supported, which helped us to focus on the tasks at hand amid outside stressors.

I have been facilitating for close to a decade and have never been in a space quite like this one. We will certainly be back again and hope to build a positive working relationship with you.

Sarah, Integrated Work

Celebrating our uniqueness

Speaking of things in orbit, in our Anniversary reminiscing, we love remembering a gift we received at our Sweet 16th Anniversary: a thoughtfully illustrated astrology chart from artist Victoria Martin, detailing our Zodiac star chart with Sun and Moon planet placements.

According to Catalyst Ranch’s birthdate of November 7, you could call us a Scorpio. The question is, Would you call us a Scorpio?

Looking up the traits associated with a Scorpio sun sign, we’re left feeling neither completely validated nor flatly contradicted. And we love that. Because we’re not a stereotype. We don’t fit into a box. No rigid categorization can contain us!

But with any system of archetypes, we can identify what applies and is useful to us. From Co-Star Astrology’s description, we love the assertion that Scorpios “have a fundamental urge to get to the bottom of things” which “comes down to an intense passion for authenticity, real intimacy, and the truth.”

We like to think that’s a good read of the Catalyst Ranch “vibe.” A passion for exploration and true connection — among all of the unique, singular human beings who step into our space!

We’re so grateful for everyone we’ve worked with and welcomed over the course of our 21 years. Thank you for recognizing our uniqueness.

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