The Great Reset

The past two years have been a time of great change, shifting challenges, adjustments, learning, and isolation. The Catalyst Ranch leadership team recently worked with executive coach and facilitator Jackie Sloane to reexamine our roles and how we relate to each other, as we look to the future and prepare to welcome more of you [...]

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Introducing Facilitator Greg Bliss

 Clients who come to Catalyst Ranch benefit from access to our vetted list of facilitators. These experts work with you in crafting a meeting to shepherd your team's ideas towards your intended goals. This month, we're happy to add consultant Greg Bliss to our list. We know he'll be an asset to our clients! [...]

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Wowing Clients Year After Year

Our Anniversary Month continues, and this week we're looking back on 19 years' worth of satisfied clients. When Catalyst Ranch hosted its first client in 2002, we were thrilled that their feedback was glowing. Fast forward to today, and we are still welcoming in new clients and new guests, and surprising them all the same [...]

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Spotlight on Ed Graziano and Corporate Event Interactive

Catalyst Ranch has been the go-to creative meeting and event space for going on 19 years. This hasn’t come without help from amazing partners and vendors who add that extra cherry on top of our delicious innovative sundae. For example, when our clients are looking to create a truly experiential teambuilding experience for their offsite gathering [...]

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Top 6 Hybrid Meeting Tips: No more Zoom and Gloom

Top 6 Hybrid Meeting Tips: No more Zoom and Gloom “Hybrid Meetings” are nothing new in the realm of off-site gatherings. A conference call during an in-person meeting technically makes it hybrid. However, we’re now in an era where the frequency, intricacy, and importance of a hybrid setup for a meeting has been elevated. This has [...]

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Go Small or Go Home: Why You Should Shorten Your Meeting Attendee List

Quality vs. Quantity; a simple premise but with ubiquitous applications. In the realm of meetings, whether in-person or hybrid, it’s important to keep in mind when you begin your planning process how many people need to be included. In her book, The Art of Gathering, Priya Parker emphasized the idea of the “Purpose-driven list”. When deciding [...]

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Top 8 Offsite Meetings Hosted at Catalyst Ranch

  Top 8 Offsite Meetings Hosted at Catalyst Ranch   Catalyst Ranch is Chicago’s premier creative meeting space, but that doesn’t limit us to just hosting “creative meetings.” Our space was built to provide a creative environment that’s the polar opposite of your average office space in order to shed conventional paradigms. It was also created [...]

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Make More of Your Space: How Creative Meeting Setups Foster Possibilities

Make More of Your Space: How Creative Meeting Setups Foster Possibilities   Necessity is the mother of invention. This has never held truer than in today’s climate. The ever-changing demands for safety and versatility around in-person meetings has been a challenge for meeting planners as we respond daily to new requirements and considerations. At Catalyst Ranch [...]

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Get Out of that Hotel!

  Get out of that Hotel: Maximizing the True Value in Meeting Offsite   It’s the classic question, as posed by The Clash, “Should I stay or should I go?” This is the question meeting planners face whenever they’re looking for meeting space in conjunction with a hotel stay. Do I keep my attendees immersed within [...]

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