One of our favorite parts of the meetings industry is being inspired by clients who come to use our creative environment. It’s all the more rewarding when those clients think highly of Catalyst Ranch as well. The nonprofit organization Rainforest Action Network recently let us know how our space influences their meetings.

When the Rainforest Action Network (RAN) brought a team here last year, we knew immediately it was an #orgwelove. They work towards preserving forests, protecting the climate, and upholding human rights by challenging corporate power and systemic injustice through frontline partnerships and campaigns. We’re proud to open our doors to organizations like RAN, as their mission is such an important cause for all of us.

Senior Forest Campaigner Maggie Martin first braved the wilds of Catalyst Ranch for a company retreat and was really pleased. She told us, “Catalyst Ranch is a fun, groovy, out of the norm meeting space. There is so much eye candy, and actual candy, the usual meeting resources, plus fun additions like fidget toys to keep folks’ hands occupied while their minds stay in the conversation.” Creativity and play are two of our biggest goals in the design of our environment, and it’s good to hear that we’re hitting the mark.

The work RAN does is something we really admire and is consistent with our own ideals of sustainability and human rights. We thrill at nonprofits like RAN feeling both invigorated by our space and at home in it. It’s that sweet spot combo that propels creative innovation. When we asked why our space is impactful for RAN, Maggie said, “It’s important for us to find meeting spaces where everyone, from business people to grassroots activists can feel comfortable and welcomed.”

An RAN activism action event. Photos by Jade Begay (l), Paul Corbit Brown (r).

The work being done by RAN is incredibly important as they continue to fight for this planet, and Maggie told us big things are on the horizon. “We expect over the next few years to see some major Chicago-based corporations improve their policies and practices around forests and human rights, with our guidance and in some cases, some help from public pressure.”

As we look to the future encouraged by the ongoing work of the Rainforest Action Network, we’re happy to have provided stimulating space for some of their planning and organizing to thrive. Thanks to Maggie Martin for sharing her experience here. To learn more about RAN and how you can support their campaigns, go to

For a deeper dive into how our environment affects the creativity and success of meetings, watch the interview video with Matt West, Executive Vice President of Client & Facilitation at Golin. Find it here: Why a Creative Environment Matters. Matt unpacks why he facilitates offsite events at Catalyst Ranch to create impactful, spatial memories.

A retreat at Catalyst Ranch

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